100 outfit ideas for Autumn Winter in London

We’re coming up now on the season where London fashion really gets to show off, where layering isn’t just a style statement, it’s an essential part of staying sane and healthy in this unpredictable weather! And as I get questions everyday from followers asking what to pack when visiting London, I thought it was high time I put together a seasonal encyclopedia of style, starting off with the season that is, in my humble opinion, the most fun to dress… AUTUMN!

I went deep into the archives, spanning 14 years of taking pictures of myself (god, that sounds ridiculous if read out of of context). While I’ve lived in London for 21 years, I only started documenting my daily outfits when I started this blog in 2009. But don’t you worry your sweet little face, we still have plenty to work with here. It must be said that looking back so far required a lot of self soothing. Some of the outfits, you guys! The mistakes, oh the mistakes. But it’s all trial and error until you find your style stride right?

What you have here today is a look at 100+ outfits that are concoctions of clothes that I believe can be emulated today and will remain classic for decades to come. While I am over six feet tall and wear a size 18, I’d like to remind you that these style guides are for everyone. As I always say, style has absolutely nothing to do with size. It’s all in how you wear it that means you carry it off or don’t!

Almost everything here is old season, so each outfit is for ideas only and not for purchase power. But, I can put together an autumn essentials buying guide if you guys are keen. Let me know in the comments.

Now… here we go, get your stylish scrolling digits ready and your pinterest paws fired up for some autumn winter London outfit inspiration…..



  1. Bettina Landau
    9th September / 1:22 pm

    Wow- work well done!! Absolutely love your style guide! And will forever be in love with the „orangey“ Ralph Lauren „Navajo“ dress and brown skirt! Thank you, for being our icon!! Xoxo from Switzerland

  2. Kim Escalona
    9th September / 8:34 pm

    I would love an autumn essentials list. As someone who is fashionably challenged, I need all the help I can get. This was a great post. I can’t imagine what it took for you to put it together. Thank you.

  3. 5th October / 12:10 pm

    Nice outfit ideas according to winters in London. Thanks for sharing with us.

  4. 16th January / 9:20 am

    Your blog always keeps me informed about the hottest fashion trends, and I love it!

  5. Dana in Missouri
    27th January / 1:25 pm

    SO much outfit inspiration here. Thank you!

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