Kim Kardashian offloading on ebay again from flip flops to Hublots

Looks like Kim Kardashian is doing another spring clean with the help of eBay. The “personality” has added everything from Chanel bags to Kardashian Kollection leggings to the site for those wishing to own a piece of Kim Kardashian history. While we are not in the least bit interested in owning a piece of the Kardashian pie, there are some interesting deals to be had here.

Let’s first start by looking at the top and bottom prices of the current listings. Starting at $.99 we find a pair of run of the mill flip flops. From there we make our way up to the very top of the pile where a Hublot watch sits with a price tag of $6,450. Considering the retail price of said watch is over $48,000, this is quite the steal. But the bargains don’t stop there. There are also Chanel bags priced under $1,000, fur coats for under $400 and more designer goods for under $100 than we’ve ever seen at any designer sample sale. So while we all like to give Miss Kardashian a hard time about this or that, we do tip our hats to a lady that’s throwing some bargains out there. And of course upon discovering this site, we couldn’t help but share the love with all of you.

On a side note, however, before we are start thinking about how saintly Kim Kardashian is in donating the proceeds to charity, only 10% of the sales actual go to support the cause. That, right there, is quite the let down. Surely Kim could afford to do an all or nothing. 10% just seems sort of ridiculous at the end of the day considering everything we know about her annual income. So Kim, if you happen to trip upon this page, may we encourage you to stretch your donations to a higher mark and perhaps spread the love even further afield.  {shop Kim Kardashian’s eBay auction}


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