200 Curvy / Plus Size Fashion Instagrammers to follow for style inspiration

curvy instagrams to follow

Every single day, without fail, I am asked, “what other curvy fashion girls should I follow on Instagram?” I usually throw a few names out there and wish people luck on their hunt. In reality, I follow hundreds. Well, I follow 200 to be exact. These are the 200 curvy / plus size women that inspire me on a daily basis. They showcase style in a way that is, well, it’s simply beautiful. I may not have met every single woman on this list, but I can tell you that having them in my life, if only digitally, enriches my world greatly. I wish, as a teenager, I had these women to follow. They collectively showcase that style is for every woman, no matter her shape or size. And with that, I’m proud to give you, alphabetically (by instagram name), the women I follow on Instagram for daily inspiration. Some have 500 followers, others have 500,000… all are equally influential in my opinion. Feel free to add any that I’m missing (or need to follow immediately) in the comments section below! And don’t be shy…recommend yourself! In my opinion, we can never follow enough inspirational women! Apologies if I have missed anyone!!!

Francesca Falco

Maria Gimena

Sophie / 98smlc

Adelia Lauren

Aidy Bryant

Alessandra Garcia

Alex Michael May

Ali Tate Cutler


Ali Chanel

asequinnedlife / Danielle

Ashlee Rose Hartley

Ashley Dorough

Ashley Graham

Ayzia a la Mode

Bethany Rutter


Dani Sauter

Clementine Desseaux

Bonnie Wyrick

Bree Kish

Brianna Marquez

Callie Thorpe

Candice Huffine

Caralyn Mirand Koch

Carina Behrens

Charlotte Jacklin

Charlotte Kuhrt

Charlotte Zoller

Chelsea Miller

Chloe Vero

Christina Winkelmann

Kendra Gwendolyn

Anne Adams

Jaye Goody Gipson-Trimble

Erica Jean

Nicole Simone

Nicole Weisman

Sarah Chiwaya

Lauren / Curvy Roamer

Olivia Campbell

Allison Teng

Abby Russell


Emily Jane Johnston  🙂

Danielle van Grondelle

Danielle Vanier

Dawn Ellerbe

Denise Bidot

Denise Marie Kokinis

Dima Ayad

Tyler McCall

Em / emilysgsb

Erica Matthews

Emily Ann

Felicity Hayward

Britney / fittybritttty

Bonnie Barton

Fluvia Lacerda

Francesca Perks

Gabi Fresh

Tanesha Awasthi

Makeda / glamazondiaries

Grace / gracefvictory


Halle Deneen

Hayet Rida

Emma Sanders

Stefani Nicole

Gabbi / heregoesgabbi

Holly Tatem-Wyatt

Hunter McGrady

Rochelle Johnson

Lizzie Miller

Erica / imbeingerica

Vicki / inpolife

Isadee Jansen


Justine LeGault

Kellie Brown

Nikki G

Ivana Milosevic

Jamie Hamilton

Jana Style

Jennie Runk

Jennifer Atilemile

Jessica Lauren

Jessica Vander Leahy

Jessica Millichamp

Victoria Thewlis

Georgia Pratt Holiber

Julianny Casado

Julie Henderson

Karissa Rodriguez

Kate Wasley

Katie Parrott

Katie Willcox

Katie Sturino

Kelly Elizabeth

Kelly Augustine


Kristy Koutsogiannis

Kirsty / kirstyleanneuk



Katia Hanine


Lauren Chan

Alexandra Thomas

Leslie Sidora

Georgia / lifeinthefashlane

Lillian Elliott

Nicole / lipstickandbrunch

Logan Russell

Laura Brioschi

Rachel / lovelyinla

Roxy Earle

Lydia Hudgens

Maddy Gutierrez

Louise Boyce

Mary Mackenzie Dunn

Maura Lebanna

Maxey Greene

Mel Masi

Melissa / melwhitneyplus

Amanda / memphismandysue

Meredith Shaw


Mindy Kaling

Alex Larosa

Musemo Handahu

Kristina Zias

Vivian / mixitupwithcurves

Jessy / modachrome

Mollie Campsie

Morgan Louise

Adrianna Moss



Thamarr / musingsofacurvylady

Nadia Aboulhosn


Nazira Sacasa

Stephanie Yeboah

Nicole Bette

Nicole Ocran

Nicolette Mason

Blair Khodagholian

Farina Opoku

Olivia Muenter

Paloma Elsesser

Jay Miranda

Ceallahn Young

Raeann Langas

Rachel / rayannlacasse

Rosey Blair

Sara Brown

Sarah Ostiguy


Savanna Sievers

Savanna Bing

Michelle Elman

Sierra Schultzzie

Shannon / shannydoots

Elsa Massey

Candice / smilesandpearlss

Crystal Coons

Sophia Brad

Sophie Edwards

Casey Walker


Reah Norman

Karina / styleidealist

Louise O’Reilly

Natalie Lee

Amber / stylepluscurves


Sydney Ness

Tara Lynn

Tess Holliday


Erica Lauren

Kelly-Lynne Russell

Charlotte / theplussizedprep

Katie Morton

Sabina Karlsson

Jessica Torres

Harriet Shearsmith

Sarah Anne

Tayler Smith

Ranya Sakatan

Vanessa Romo


Velonika Pomee

Katie Stuart


Liz / withwonderandwhimsy



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