Why I’ll always be proud to wear the American Flag

I had some interesting messages today about wearing this American flag jacket on Instagram…So I thought I’d address them with a bit of a longer explanation herewith. It should be known that I don’t come from a military family, rather I’m a part of one right here and right now. While I was growing up, I watched as my three brothers, my only siblings, devoted their adult lives to the United States Navy. All three attended the Naval Academy in Annapolis, and all three graduated and went on to become leaders within the armed forces. I was raised to believe, and still do to this day, that it was an honour to be a part of a family that devoted itself so wholeheartedly to the United States Navy. So, when I wear renditions of the American flag in fashion, I don’t just do it because it’s fashionable, I do it because it’s wearing my heart on my sleeve. This American flag doesn’t just stand for my country of origin, it’s a reflection of my family. It doesn’t represent a government or any particular person that sits in office. It’s not Republican or Democrat. It’s simply a symbol of who I am and where I’m from, and I will always be proud to wear it.

It does sadden me a bit that in 2020 I have to explain that, to almost apologise for being a supporter of the American flag. But, I do feel it must be said that a flag is bigger than any elected official. It’s bigger than a current climate. And the same can be said, dare I say, for almost any country you live in, from wherever you may be reading this today. It doesn’t have to be a political statement at all. It’s my country. It’s what I’ll always be and something I’ll never shy away from. This certainly isn’t the first time I’ve shared an item of clothing with an American flag represented in one way or another and it certainly won’t be my last. But, it will be the last time I address, publicly, my reasons behind doing so. I am sincerely sorry if anyone felt offended by my wearing this article of clothing. But, all I can say is this… I won’t apologise ever for actually wearing it and I certainly won’t ever stop. So, if anyone is that highly offended or harmed by my doing so, this is a world where we are lucky enough to make our own choices about who you follow and why. There’s an unfollow button there for a reason. Use it!

For everyone else, sorry you are perhaps being bored to tears with this dialogue today. So I’ll just say, I hope you enjoy the ensemble and the beautiful view!

Have a great Sunday, all! Enjoy the Super Bowl! Go 49ers!


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