The Ralph Lauren diffusion line you’ve probably never heard of…

Yes, I’m in the USA and yes, I’m doing try ons! I thought it was about time I order local and share local while home. So, over the next week you’ll see my first American try ons, in this capacity anyway (I’ve actually been sharing these nonofficially since 2009). Anywho, I’m super excited to talk about today’s try on, because it’s a brand I think a lot of people aren’t aware of. This is CHAPS. It’s sold in Kohl’s and it’s the Ralph Lauren diffusion line. Back in the day, the label would read CHAPS Ralph Lauren. Now, it’s just CHAPS. I have no official word on why that is. This is definitely a brand that Ralph doesn’t shout about from the rooftops on their social channels and I get why. It’s the lower end of the totem pole for them. But, it’s Ralph Lauren, regardless. And there is nothing that man touches that doesn’t have something fabulous about it. It’s a physical impossibility. So, I thought I’d order up the latest collection and share some of my favourites with you.

A few notes here. Kohl’s is always discounting. I’ve never purchased a thing there full price. So everything here is under $50, but some marked initially as high as $98… that would be the buffalo check fleece, which I scored for under $30. They are also sneakily always adding new things so it’s worth setting up an alert. Note two: do not miss men’s. The men’s department has some pretty incredible finds from shirts to knitwear. It’s a treasure.

For the try on, please note I am wearing an XL or 16 in everything! I am usually an 18UK and I stand 6’2, for the purposes of length. I hope you find some goodies here. I loved shooting this try on and kept absolutely everything. I find it is such a bargain experience and it really is a level that allows for every price point to step into the Ralph Lauren world. Call me sentimental, but I do believe everyone should be able to experience the Ralph Lauren glow. This makes that one step closer to possible!

Without further ado… everything you need to know (and check instagram for stories of the try on in video). Please also note there are affiliate links used in this post.

Probably my favourite of the outfits, but the one that my mother thinks I’m crazy for pairing. You know me, guys… love a print clash. I also feel like this is something you’d see styled in a funkier Ralph show. The skirt is a must keep. It’s gorgeous, it’s lux and it can be worn a 1,000 ways to Sunday. Basically, the skirt is the keeper. It’s timeless. Read that to mean this will definitely never go out of style. The sweater is good, fits great, could be worn loose over jeans or as is, tucked in. It’s also oh very Ralph, but in pretty pastels. What’s not to love?

Boatneck Sweater

$70, but in a buy one get one half off sale!

Sizes Small – XXL

Elastic Skirt

$80, but in a buy one get one half off sale!

Sizes Small-XXL

The dress is what got me started on this whole run. Saw it advertised on Mandy Moore (the face of the brand) and I was in. It’s a size 16 and it fits like a glove. It is truly one of the most beautifully flattering dresses and absolutely Ralph Lauren with that Bandana Print!

Bandana Dress

Was $79, now $38.99

Sizes 4-18

Deal of the century here! A micro fleece of this caliber for under $20 is unheard of!!! I don’t think I have anything more to say other than why aren’t you purchasing this right now?! It’s preppy perfection!

Cowl neck Pullover

Was $60, Now $18

Sizes Small-XXL

So, I dove into the men’s section for a hot minute and found two shirts. This was the first one. It’s festive and I know it’s early. But I couldn’t resist. I do have to tell you, though, that the reindeer print is ironed on. It’s not painted or printed! Just noting that for quality reasons…

Men’s Reindeer Shirt

Was $70, Now $21

Size Small-XXL

Just wanted to show you how I’d style this up a bit, with an over the shoulder coatigan and a chic Polo Ralph Lauren belt.

Plaid Sweater Coatigan

Was $68, now $50.99

Sizes XS-XXL

Another fleece steal with this bad boy being mega discounted. I cannot for the life of me explain why. I would have paid the full $98 for it as we head into autumn. It’s truly my favourite piece from the whole collection of tops. I will wear this endlessly back in England on long country walks or cozy afternoons in the pub!

Plaid Knit Pullover

Was $98, Now $38.40

Sizes 1x-4x

White Trousers

Was $50, Now $20

Sizes s-XXL and come in various lengths

The dresses for CHAPS in summer are always so so good. Sadly, because we are going into autumn, there aren’t as many as usual. But, this one is brand spanking new and it demands a tropical vacation for showing off!!!

Midi Dress

$80, part of buy one get one half off sale!

Sizes Small-XXL

Last, but certainly not least, another men’s find. This is a printed pattern this time, which makes it a bit more lux. It features scenes of countryside living from dogs to birds! It’s a pretty special piece. I’ve paired it with a faux leather wrap skirt to soften things a bit here!

Men’s Flannel Shirt

Was $55, now $16.50

Sizes Small-XXL

Faux Leather Wrap Skirt

Was $60, Now $24

Sizes XS-XXL


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