Outfit ideas: 3 ways to wear denim & sweaters!

Denim and knitwear… a style pairing as old as time. These two wardrobe essentials can be combined in a million different ways to put together any look. Today, we’re concentrating on comfort as well as style. Three looks, put together with all new in stock Gap items, that you can throw on and go when you want comfort and style! And yes, ladies, you can wear those waffle knit jogger bottoms out of the house. Let’s star there, shall we?


{Written in collaboration with Gap}

This is officially my favourite “get up and go outfit.” It’s the outfit you put on when you know the day ahead is going to be hard enough as it is. So you want to look good, feel good…and be as relaxed as possible. If you do nothing else, grab these waffle knit joggers immediately. They are truly the most comfortable things I’ve ever worn.

I ran out to grab coffee in this look last week and felt like I truly had myself “together.” I think there is a very fine line between looking like you’re going out in your PJs, rather than going out in a fully thought out ensemble. I believe that line is crossed by throwing on a chic jacket and a simple top, like this clean white sweatshirt. That’s it. Easy as! Oh, and maybe take off the bedroom slippers and change them out for something power print…like leopard boots. Then you’re ready to go.

While I’m a big fan of keeping things simple with jeans (there’s nothing I love more than jeans and a simple white tee), when it comes to cooler weather I love pairing a great pair of boyfriend jeans with a statement sweater. This striped jumper is one you’ll be seeing a lot in the coming months, but I’m keeping it simple here for your introduction to the piece. It does all the talking in this outfit. It’s the attention grabber. It’s also an all season jumper. It’s 100% cotton, so it layers perfectly. It can be worn alone in the autumn months and easily layered under a coat in winter. But it’s here, in this piece, because it’s an easy, comfortable and stylish way to pair denim and knitwear. Easy peasy, people!

Overalls are traditionally a tough one, especially for anyone over a size large. I’ve got good fit news for you. Gap carry their overalls up to a size XXL, they are made of high quality denim that only gets better with every wash and they are VERY reasonably priced. I always keep things simple when it comes to overalls. I start with a good denim wash, then focus in on comfort. That’s the point of overalls. They are meant to be comfy! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. …Then I layer. For me, it’s all about the layering with overalls…the more the better. I start with a Henley top (and Gap truly do the best…they are the best for basics!) fasten up my overalls, and slip my arms into an oversized cardigan.

All of these pieces are available at Gap, online now!


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