The Spring Skirt to Buy RIGHT NOW!

This is 100% a skirt that is meant to be worn come springtime. Saying that, I pulled it out of the package and my mind immediately sprung into action on all the different ways I’d be wearing it as soon as the weather turns. Then all of the sudden I was wearing it, throwing on boots and walking out the door. Some things are too good to wait for seasons. This skirt demanded to be worn in the here and now. For all of about ten seconds, I took off the coat I was wearing and snapped this picture. Why for only ten seconds? Well, it didn’t get above 36 degrees here today, even in the sun. It is cold out there. The things I do for fashion eh? Rest assured, there are thermal leggings on underneath this skirt and the coat I was wearing was a large duffel. Just another day in the village where I’m stepping out in outfits I fully expect will one day land me in the village newsletter. Goals, eh?

The skirt runs from size 2-22 and is available in the UK for £120 (shop here), in the USA for $180 (shop here). {affiliate links used}


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