What I wore last week: Summer Outfits in Maine

You will have seen I’ve disappeared for a couple of weeks. Well, back in the day I would have never dreamt of doing such a thing. Not blogging for two weeks? Are you mad!? But things change and priorities shift as you get older. These past two weeks my priority has been my family. I haven’t seen some of them for two years because of Covid and it was a relief to be able to hug each and every one of them and simply say “I love you” a few dozen times over the course of our time together. I know not everyone is so lucky after the year we had. But, if you do get the chance, embrace those closest to you and make sure they know exactly how much they mean to you. Alright, enough of the fluffy stuff. Let’s get down to outfits here. As you probably already know from Instagram, I’ve been in Maine for the past two weeks. It’s been cold, it’s been hot, it’s been foggy, it’s rained cats and dogs… and I packed for every eventuality. So, here’s a recap of every outfit I wore while in the great state of Maine….

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Let’s start with the outfit above….

Embroidered Short sleeve shirt

Size XXS-XL (also available in plus)


White Cut Off Shorts



White Sundress

Size XS-XXL (also available in plus size)


Stay Palm Sweatshirt only found in Old Navy stores at the moment.

Jean Cut Off Shorts

Size 00-26


Blue and White Sundress

Size 8-22


Puff Elbow Sleeve Dress



Ruffled Button Down Shirt

Custom sizing


Slouchy Overalls

Size 0-20


White Cut Off Shorts



Chambray Shirt



Nautical Skirt is this summer’s Boden skirt, now sadly sold out!

Ruffle Dress

Size XS-Large


Fisherman’s Sweater



Jean Cut Off Shorts

Size 00-26


Capri Tank Top

Size XS-XL


Seashell Chinos




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