The Breakup Playlist Vol. 2: The Anger

As we move through the cycle of heartbreak, breaking up, whatever you want to call it, we reach step two in the grieving process. First there were tears with the launch of The Breakup Playlist Vol. 1: The Sadness. This next volume is all about ANGER.

A reminder, if you please. This isn’t an official psychologist’s assessment of getting over a breakup. This is real life personal advice on what to do after having your heart blown to smithereens.

Now, somewhere in this whole breakup process anger will play a big ole part of your “getting over it all.” Some people smash plates. Some people slash tires. I don’t recommend either as you’ll have to buy new plates in the end and potentially go to jail for slashing tires. Not worth it, ok? Instead, I recommend a series of songs to sing at the top of your lungs until your chest aches and your throat is raw and worn.

Whether you’re shouting “why men great til they gotta be great” with Lizzo or slamming your fist on the table as you join Freddie Mercury in screaming “another bites the dust, and another one gone and another one gone,” I can guarantee this is the playlist that’s needed for the moments where you just need to let off a little steam. This one’s for the moments when you’re sitting there thinking, “why did I do that?” or “how could I have been so stupid?” or “don’t let the door hit you on the way out.” This is the empowerment playlist. This the playlist that lets you feel that anger alongside everyone else. And trust me, we HAVE ALL BEEN THERE. So drop the tire iron. No one needs their windows smashed in. Turn down the screaming at the person you’re directing your anger towards. It’s just not worth it as they aren’t going to listen. Instead share a moment with Kelly Clarkson and howl “since you been gone I can breathe for the first time.” Jump out of your chair and bark “this time, baby, I’ll be bulletproof” with La Roux. Heck, you can even dance around to N’Sync and make the appropriate motions with your hands as the boys cry “bye, bye, bye.” All totally healthy breakup moments, people.

Now a few words before I give you the playlist. Firstly, maybe don’t play this for the first time in a car. The first listen should not be while you are commanding a large vehicle but rather with two feet on solid ground and nothing breakable around you as you may have a very visceral reaction to every single song. I put this on for the first time, just to test it out, and ended up accidentally breaking one of my oldest lamp stands as I swung around and  flipped the bird at the door in some sort of gesture of finality! Haha! Honestly, it has power, this playlist.

Secondly, please know that the anger is normal and warranted and you absolutely aren’t alone. But I can promise you this, with my hand on heart and getting a little misty eyed as I write. Your person is out there and he/she is not the person that makes you feel like this. There’s a playlist brewing for that moment and I can tell you that this one is the bridge that will get you there. Get the anger out of you and get ready to move on. Good things lie ahead, just on the other side. Get mad, with your music, and get back out there. Love you guys!

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  1. 31st July / 4:15 pm

    I love this more than I should as a happily married woman!

    Danielle |

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