Beauty Empties: Sunday Riley Auto Correct and Pink Drink

Two  beauty empties for you this week from a brand you guys already know I use and love. I first discovered these two products from the Sunday Riley kits (read more about this obsession here and why these are a great entry point into a beauty regime). One of these empties I didn’t even know I needed and the other completely replaced another product I was using and now both are part of my day to day regime. So let’s get involved.


Sunday Riley Auto Correct

$65 / £60

I didn’t start using an eye cream until I was well into my thirties… big mistake. If I could go back and change one thing about my early beauty regime that’s probably the first alteration I would make. The eye area requires a different cream. That might be common knowledge but I was so wrapped up, at the time, in the idea that the beauty industry was just trying to get me to part with my hard earned money that I used regular old cream everywhere. Well, folks, you can’t do that. And I learned that the hard way and now I’m trying desperately to claim back my ignorant years. My Hail Mary is Sunday Riley’s Autocorrect. I apply this in my morning and evening regime and it feels indulgent. What I mean by that is that I can practically hear my undereye area letting out sighs of relief with one application.

In the morning, it wakes my eyes up. It’s the combination of caffeine and Brazilian ginseng-root extract that do the job. Think of it as a coffee for your tired eyes! The ingredients work in tandem to reduce puffiness and energise the skin!

In the evening, Auto Correct feels like an indulgent treat after a day out in the city. Makeup off, undereye makeup washed away and this cream means the removal of undereye concealer doesn’t reveal a scary dark eyed city dweller home from her tiring day out and about. The monster is contained, eradicated even.

Ingredients such as horse chestnut and acmella oleracea extracts are hard at work, overnight, smoothing the fine lines around the eye area. And the cocoa and shea butter and the unsung heroes giving me eyes that plump fresh look as I drift off to dreamland!

So yes, this gets more than a few thumbs up and is THE preferred eye cream of the moment.

Now onto the second beauty empty…

Sunday Riley Pink Drink

$48 / £42

I’ve dappled with facial mists before and had miserable results and three allergic reactions. So, I’ve been very weary about reintroducing anything. But, I received a miniature of this product in the Sunday Riley kits and took a chance as the brand’s other products seemed to work so perfectly with my skin type.

After one week of using Sunday Riley’s Pink Drink, my skin did actually appear plumper, clearer and less read (I suffer from rosacea flareups). After two weeks, the miniature had been used up and I immediately reordered the full size product. It was delayed in coming, which was a result of the American beauty wholesaler who was shipping it, not the brand. But, in retrospect, I couldn’t have more thankful for that one week delay, because it very firmly displayed the importance of this product in my beauty regime. My skin in that week felt flakier, dull and just generally problematic. So, I do have to warn you that once you include this into your regime, you won’t want to spend even a day without.

But, I’m sure you’re probably wondering what’s the deal with any facial mist, let alone this one, that is actually referred to as an “essence.”

The general idea of a facial mist is that you’re giving your skin a booster. Some tell you that you can spray all day, whenever you need a “glow up,” which is fair enough. The Pink Drink, however, is recommended to be used as a part of your regime in the morning and evening. It’s going to more or less prep your skin, as a first step in your regime, for what’s to come. It contains peptides to firm the skin, prebiotics to balance the skin and vitamin rich extracts that act as aids in the war against ageing.


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  1. Sara
    9th January / 6:00 pm

    I’m also a huge fan of both, and of Sunday Riley in general. Added Pink Drink back in for the winter after a bit of a break and find it helps keep me more moisturized in this season of dryness. Autocorrect makes a bit difference especially in the morning pre-makeup. The photo shown is the old packagaing. The new packaging is even better for application and is so cooling and refreshing in the morning.

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