London Bakery Review: Buns from Home, Notting Hill

My first trip back into Notting Hill, after the Great British lockdown of 2020, I cried tears of joy and relief as I stepped back onto Portobello Road. Moving out to the country, I hadn’t properly calculated just how much I would miss West London and I still had no idea when we would be coming back for good. Anyway, I was meeting a friend outside the Electric Cinema and she insisted that we grab a coffee and a pastry and walk a bit, as we used to do pre-2020. She also screeched with delight when she realised I hadn’t been back since a new bakery had opened just around the corner. We are cinnamon bun buds, the two of us. Our tradition was always coffee, cinnamon buns and stroll through West London to shake loose any part of the week that had managed to get under our skin.

As we rounded the corner I was met by a pastel pink awning and a message, “We started from home, we made it here.” Call me intrigued. This was Buns from Home and I was sold on the concept well before my first bite into a cinnamon bun. The story of this brand goes as follows. The founder, Barney, was missing his old life pre-lockdown and decided to make pastries from his mom’s kitchen for the neighbours. What started as a tasty treat born from goodness and a need to fill the time became a crowd funded bakery in one of the most popular neighbourhoods of West London. If you want to talk about successful Covid business pivots, this one should be towards the top of the list.

I went with a classic – cinnamon bun. It was just what the doctor ordered and perfectly sized. Flaky, gooey, still warm and enough to make me feel indulgent but not sick to my stomach, I knew this was our new “place.”

Fast forward to 2022 and I’ve been back more times than I can count on two hands for everything from the regular cinnamon bun to a walk on the wild side with their Tiramisu, Banana Bread and Cheesecake buns. In my eyes, these boys can do no wrong. It’s the perfect sweet treat for a Sunday stroll through the neighbourhood and definitely deserves to be on your radar for your next visit to this side of town!

PS. They also deliver nationwide!

Buns From Home

128 Talbot Road

London W11 1JA


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