Trying FaceGym’s Signature Sculpt Workout Facial

Right then, London ladies, I’m spotlighting a brand that certainly isn’t new to the London scene and, in fact, isn’t new to being mentioned here. It’s a beauty brand that I’ve been frequenting since moving back to London in October and I thought it was officially time I sat down and explained why. This is FaceGym. It’s a skincare brand that is known for their facials, or what they like to call their “workouts.”

I was first introduced to FaceGym years ago in Selfridges, back in the day when literally every beauty journalist was raving about this new approach to facials in the world of skincare. The look and feel of the “gyms” was not your usual tranquil, pastel coloured environment of the spas in London that typically cater to women looking for luxury facials. In fact, it couldn’t have been more opposite. FaceGym actually resembled a gym. Ummmm, hence the name. I think we can all agree there’s very little that’s soothing about the atmosphere of a gym. Not only did it resemble a gym but their approach was to act more like a gym than a spa. Women were lined up in chairs, getting worked on by experts with tools that looked like they were props for a crossfit class! The whole idea shook the beauty world to its core….

Fast forward a few years and the publicity buzz may have died down a bit but the ‘gym-nerds’ who love the facial workouts are still coming in religiously. And yes, I include myself. You see, the gym format worked. We all found out we didn’t need special tranquility rooms to get a great facial. We could just be tilted back in a chair and worked on with every other lady in situ, all aiming for the afternoon glow! And we got it. FaceGym offers facials that work the same way a gym would at lunch, but without the full body sweatathon. You pop in for a bit of physical activity and you leave with an insanely healthy glow. This is no word of a lie. Half way through your workout, your facialist actually showcases the side of your face she’s worked on versus the other untouched side and the results are noticeable and I’ve often heard the comparison to a face lift thrown around more than a few times (evidence photographed below). After 45 minutes you leave looking refreshed, glowing and ready for whatever lies ahead. As there are no extractions and the methods are not invasive, this is the ideal place to get a facial mid-afternoon before a big event in the evening. The glow lasts through until the next day.

Admittedly, the dream would be for it to last forever but this far no facials have been developed that are a one and done. That requires a bit more downtime and a bit more pain, in my experience.

For those looking to give FaceGym a go, I highly recommend The Signature Sculpt facial. It takes 45 minutes and gives you a glow everyone at the office will most definitely notice upon your return! The cost is £75 and there are a number of FaceGyms located throughout the city, so make sure to check out their website to find your nearest location. Enjoy the workout!


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