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Right then, let’s get straight into it… bras. I hate them. I absolutely hate them and have done for years. I struggle to find the right bras that will fit properly and not feel like something akin to a torture device that gets thrown off the moment I walk through the front door. So, I put myself on a journey for 2022. I was going to hunt down bras that work and I was going to share said journey publicly so that any other women that struggle with the same problem can find assistance! This will be an ongoing process, updated and shared regularly as new bras are discovered along the way.

Let me back up here first and explain a few things. First and foremost, I wear a size 38DD. It isn’t a tough bra size to find, I realise this. But, I have a few issues that are not ideal when it comes to bra hunting so I’m going to put those on the table now. These are my biggest complaints and where I am desperately seeking bras that will help.

Complaint number 1: I wear underwire bras but they cut into my sides 90% of the time.

First, I have to wear an underwire in my bra. If I don’t, I look like I’m wearing a sports bra. Plain and simple. The girls need structure. However, the underwire (and this has only happened over the past couple of years) has started digging into the sides of my chest in a lot of bras. Now, bra experts will tell you that this occurs when you buy a bra cup size that is too small for you. Well, I call bullshit on that because I am buying the correct cup size and the women fitting me for bras will agree. So, bra manufacturers what gives? Apparently this could be something to do with designers making the wires too short. Good to know. Read that to mean not all bras are created equal.

Complaint number 2: Shoulder pain

I have dents in my shoulders from the straps. Again, bra experts will tell you that is because the band should be doing most of the heavy lifting in your bra, so you need to tighten that area so that the straps aren’t holding up your breasts…hence the pain. Experts agree you should be able to loosen your strap to “tw0-finger tightness.” Whatever the hell that means! I mean we all know what the means but really anyone can struggle to get two fingers under their straps if they try hard enough. I’m tired of the ridiculous lingo. But I can’t tighten the band of my bras so tight that they are properly carrying the load because…

Complaint number 3: Back bulge

…I have back fat. And ps. So do 95% of women out there. This isn’t a curvy girl only problem. Because bras are designed to carry the load around the band, the wrong band will push out any extra skin at all in the area, in an effort to support the girls in the front! This is a real problem for a lot of women. And it’s why so many women wear bras “incorrectly.” Most of us would rather have a shoulder dent than a back bulge. Am I right? Honestly, the pain of all of this is just ridiculous.

Those are my big three. The things that annoy me the most and the three things I always look out for when trying on bras. Obviously I want to be a woman that plays by the bra rules and wears the correct cup size and band size and all that jazz. But, short of me getting liposuction on my back and a super boob job for lift in the front, I’m stuck with what I’ve got.

Knowing that, these are the bras I’ve discovered and loved. The list will be short to start. I’m starting with only two discovered so far in the month of January, but this will grow. And if there are any bra manufacturers out there that have an answer to any or all of these problems, get in touch. I want to share and any help I can get on this journey, I welcome with open arms and well supported breasts…


The first two bras are both from Amazon. I was recommended both from a friend who swore they changed her life, so I ordered them immediately and can confirm this friend has some damn good knowledge in the bra department. For under £50, these bad boy pack more punch on comfort than any bra I’ve ever owned, and some I’ve paid over £100 for. The underwire doesn’t dig in at all. The straps are appropriately adjusted because the band is tight enough to hold up “the assets” while not creating a mountain of flesh on my back. That’s because these particular bras have a wide band. It’s called a “beauty back” and it’s crafted with the idea of “no bulge.” Ladies, it works! Try these bras. Most days I’m wearing them, I forget I even am. I can’t tell you the last time I said that about a bra.

Vanity Fair Beauty Back Women`s Full Coverage Underwire Bra

Sizes: 34B-42D

£35 / Available from Amazon

(if your shopping outside the UK, just copy and paste the title into your Amazon page and it should come straight up)

Playtex Women’s Love My Curves Modern Curvy Uw T-Shirt Bra

Sizes 36C-44E

Price £34.57 / Available on Amazon

(Note: Amazon has strange pricing on this. Might be worth googling for local shopping options like a department store!)


Please note these are pretty run of the mill everyday bras. I am looking also for sexier moments, but for now I’m happy with something that does that heavy lifting with comfort and grace. The lacier numbers are welcome but yet to be discovered….




  1. Mari
    14th January / 8:53 pm

    Please try the brand Fantasie, they help this GG cup UK girl.

  2. Toni Harvey
    14th January / 11:43 pm

    I totally get what you are saying here . Even with my 32 /34 jj I can get bras in that size but comfortable ones… Rocking horse poo is easy to find

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