Yes, you do need a statement sweatshirt in 2022

Loungewear became a “thing,” or shall we say the “only thing” to wear in 2020. Then in 2021 we got a taste of freedom from the fluffy feeling of comfort as we ventured back out into the world. Loungewear once again became something we wore on evenings and the weekends, for most of us. In 2022, I propose a compromise. Let’s keep the top half of loungewear a thing but make it a STATEMENT.

Yup, I’m fully embracing statement sweatshirts for the new year. I’ll be honest and let you know I’ve been loving on them for years now, but I’m coming out of the fashion wardrobe screaming, “It’s 2022 and you need a statement sweatshirt.” Also, if Gucci, Fendi, YSL and every other big fashion name are releasing them this season… enough said. Now, naturally, I feel a responsibility to guide you into this fashion trend and not just point you in the direction of an £890 Gucci fleece, so you can be fleeced. So, here are a few recommendations for statement / novelty sweatshirts to buy in 2022…

I’ll kick off with mine in the picture above. This is the Pickle Sweatshirt from Novelmart. This is the ultimate destination for your statement sweatshirt search. They have everything from cocktails to croissants on their sweatshirts and I want them all!

Novelmart Pickle Sweatshirt


Sizes S-5XL


Now, I’ll go ahead and tell you that the real treasure trove for statement sweatshirts is Etsy. Plan and simple. There are thousands, literally tens of thousands, of statement sweaters made by small shops. I’m sharing a few herewith that I found and love the look of. Please note I have ordered a few but not received them as of yet! So I cannot confirm quality. In my experience, however, these small shops are happy to answer questions about quality and returns if it’s not up to scratch! So, here we go… Etsy finds…

Please note some links used below are affiliate links.

J’Adore Disney


Size S-XXL

Dunkie Junkie (oh you know I own this already!)


Sizes S-3XL

Taylor Swift’s Cowboy Like Me Sweatshirt


Size S-5XL

And now exiting the Etsy sweatshirt adventure and onto other retailers that get this is a vibe for the year ahead…

Scamp and Dude Palm Sweatshirt


Size S-3XL

Polo Quilted Bear Sweatshirt



Lacoste Alligators Sweatshirt



Raey White Love Sweatshirt


Size 4-14 (oversized)

Strong Girls Club Hoodie 



And now for three splurge sweatshirts if you’re feeling flush (and fleece :))…

YSL Sweatshirt


Size XS-XL

Lanvin Lobster Sweatshirt


Size XS-XL

Dries Van Noten Feathered Sweatshirt


Size XS-L


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