25 of the world’s most spectacular hotel bathtubs (and I’ve tested them all)

Have you ever booked a hotel room based on a bathtub picture? If you haven’t, this might be a first. Over the past ten years I’ve floated in some of the world’s most luxurious hotel bathtubs. So much so that it sort of became “a thing I was known for.” I sought out the bathtubs that were unique in one way or another. It could be that they have an amazing view, an outstanding size, unique functions or built in entertainment, but none of the 25 baths you are about to see would ever be considered run of the mill. I feel now, more so than ever, that when taking a vacation we need to find a place of peace and relaxation. Those two words don’t come together for me without a bath. So, here’s where I’ve floated that  I’ve voted best of the best.

First up, above, we have The Last Poet, Notting Hill, England

This hotel is located on one of the most iconic corners of Notting Hill in London and has a terrace overlooking the neighbourhood that is second to none in this part of London. The bathtub, located in the Muse suite, is actually in the bedroom. It sits opposite the bed and with a view of Notting Hill that will encourage you to pull the blinds before stepping into a different sort of hot water.

The Pig at Combe, England

This is far and away the biggest bathtub I’ve ever floated in. This large copper tub is actually located in a suite at The Pig that was the laundry room for the estate before it was renovated and turned into a hotel. The basin is rumoured to be the same that was used for laundering the estate’s bigger linens. Well, call me a bigger linen, I’m headed in.

The Lowell, New York, New York

The Lowell has repeatedly been named the best hotel in New York City, and with good reason. The service here is second to none. My first night in residence I discovered two framed pictures of my golden retrievers by the bed to welcome me home. Luxury is found in the details and that includes their all marble bathroom with a television perfectly placed above the tub for those nights where only a movie and a soak (and maybe a glass of wine) will do.

The Artist’s Residence, Brighton, England

I must admit that I had plans to see Brighton while in town, but one look at the bath in The Artist’s Residence suite and all plans for my one night visit were dashed. I had a date with a cup of tea, a copper bath and view of the sea. This quirky hotel group always delivers.

The Four Seasons, Koh Samui, Thailand

A bath, overlooking a pool, overlooking the ocean. It’s basically like the layout has the day planned for you at The Four Seasons on this island in Thailand. You start by sunbathing and swimming in the sea, head up to the pool for the afternoon for some solo R&R and then finish with a long hot soak as the sun sets. This hotel is the dream for any traveller and yes, it is one of the most romantic places I’ve ever been in my life!

Soho Farmhouse, Oxfordshire, England

As if Soho Farmhouse wasn’t dreamy enough as the perfect weekend escape from London, they take things up a notch when it comes to their outdoor bathtubs. Some of their suites even offer a view and soothing sound effects of a bubbling stream. The tub is big enough for two (I refuse to admit how I know that) and is surrounded by full size Cowshed products that smell absolutely divine.

Jumby Bay, Antigua 

There should be an entire book written about the baths in the homes of Jumby Bay, but for today’s purposes we’ll focus on the island’s hotel facilities. Both shower and bath are, in fact, not in your room but outside. The weather here is consistently so nice and the area so private, of course bathing and showering takes place in the great outdoors. Tell me this doesn’t look like heaven?

Four Seasons Ten Trinity, London

The Four Seasons Ten Trinity wins it for the most luxurious bathtub I’ve ever blown bubbles in. The bath is surrounded by gold tiles. I imagine Kim and/or Kanye have probably replicated this exact setup somewhere in their respective houses. Marble and gold… a recipe I’d never thought I’d find where the gold outweighs the marble. I should also mention that the bathroom itself is bigger than any London bedroom I’ve ever had as my own. This is luxury’s top level of bath time pleasure.

Shangri La at The Shard, London

If you’re afraid of heights, this might not be the hotel bathtub you want to swish around in. This is the view from the Shangri La in London’s 42 second floor bathtub at sunrise. And yes, it is surrounded by glass (as is the shower) for a view that is quite remarkable and memorable. There’s also zero worry about stepping out of the tub in your birthday suite. Whos’ going to see you this high in the London sky? No one!

East, Miami, Florida

EAST Miami is truly a remarkable hotel in downtown that features covetable pool spaces, gorgeous rooftop bars with secret spaces and bathtubs, in suites, that have outstanding views straight down to Miami Beach. It has a minimalist approach to design which allows for each guest to enjoy the view as much as the space around them in a completely calm and soothing environment, atop the hustle and bustle of the town below.

The Hari, London, England

The Hari in London feels like a local secret. This gorgeous hotel doesn’t need to shout about itself for attention, the beautiful rooms and intimate meeting spaces do that all on their own. From velvet covered window seats to bathtubs that seem to hang over the streets below, this corner of London is all about quiet luxury in the heart of Belgravia.

Sandals Resort, Barbados

This is my first bathtub on a balcony. It’s also the first time that I have to say, “there’s a bigger tub inside.” Yes, Sandals Resort has a two tub policy for certain suites. Both are big enough for two and as this is a couples resort, this scenario is ideal. Every night, returning to the room, our butler had drawn a bath (after inquiring as to what time our dinner would finish and when we would wander back) with the perfect amount of bubbles and flower petals thrown as far as the eye could see. This is romance on another level.

Mandarin Oriental, London

The Mandarin Oriental’s newly renovated suites have a smart addition to their bathrooms… a bathtub in a a wet room. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Fill that bathtub up to the brim! Because it doesn’t matter at all if it overruns. It’s a wet room. And yes, this is a first to spot this sort of genius level planning when it comes to the enjoyment of your guests and the security of your building (water leaks are a pain that happens all too often from hotel bathtubs overflowing). The tub itself is also massive and it’s surrounded by the most beautiful art deco interior decoration. Basically just heaven.

Sandhotel, Reykjavik, Iceland

What you aren’t seeing in this picture is the most important part of why this particular bathtub in Iceland is so spectacular. Situated just above my head there is a skylight that opens to reveal a magnificent and clear night sky. So clear in fact that if you hit the night right you can catch the most magnificent display of Northern Lights. It doesn’t hurt that the bathroom itself is also beautifully designed. But really, the chance to watch the Northern Lights dance above your head as you bath is next level!

Lympstone Manor, Devon, England

Another outdoor tub but this one, located in Devon, is one you’ll most likely want to wear a heavy robe with right up until the moment you immerse yourself in the hot water, especially in the dead of January. But, I can tell you there are not many things more luxurious in this world than soaking in this tub as the steam rises from the warm water and you watch as boats come and go from the harbour down below.

Hotel Ranga, Iceland

Another Iceland adventure tub and one made famous by the Real Housewives franchise. This tub (really it’s a jacuzzi), is located in one of the main suites of the hotel and sits in the front room. The doors in front open up to a landscape that is like nothing you have experienced before. If you’re lucky, while you’re soaking perhaps a pony or two will trot by!

Babbington House, Somerset, England

Another Soho House property, but this time things feel a little more Jane Austen rather than Little House on the Prairie. Alongside your bath you’ll find endless Cowshed lotions and potions, books for enjoying and cocktails for sipping. It’s the perfect storm really. Only be careful when drinking cocktails and bathing. Just trust me on this one. Those floors are slippery when wet, more so after a margarita.

Chapel House, Penzance, England

Chapel House in Penzance is truly a property that has thought out every detail in every room to not only bring the best of interior design but to somehow perfectly match with the surrounding town. Their bathtub situation is no exception. Every tub is perfectly placed for the most idyllic views of town and sea while also offering up an environment that is ideal of stress relief and worry-free soaking. It’s heaven. Just heaven.

The University Arms, Cambridge, England

Bathing with a view allows for many a hotel to not think so much about the tub and environment itself, but rely heavily on the advantage of location instead. That couldn’t be further from what we find at the Cambridge Arms in England. The hotel overlooks one of the most famous Greens in the Cambridge. From the bath or balcony, you can watch as students hurry to and from classes as you plan which milk you’ll have with your coffee at breakfast! Because yes, that will be your only concern as you soak away your troubles in this glorious tub.

Celebrity Edge Cruise Ship, Suite

Yes, this bathtub is on a cruise ship! And it’s not just any cruise ship, it’s the newly released Celebrity Edge with beautifully designed rooms from the interior designer Kelly Hoppen. She’s the talent responsible for this outstanding situation. So, I’m floating on a boat at sea, but also floating in a massive bath on the boat, on the sea. Hard to understand how it all works unless you’re in it. I can, however, tell you that I adore taking a bath at sea now because of this moment. The gentle rocking of the boat, while you float in a bathtub, is as close to a baby being rocked in a crib as I can imagine, and I’m here for it. Talk about relaxation!

The Alpina, Gstaad, Switzerland

Another genius move of placing a bathtub in a wet room! Please more hotels follow this lead. But, this isn’t just any hotel, this is The Alpina Gstaad, thought by many to be THE most luxurious hotel in the world. This bathtub, which truly is one of the most relaxing tubs I’ve ever had the pleasure of floating in, is just the beginning. In the penthouse suites of the hotel, baths have views of the glorious mountain range surrounding the hotel!

The Connaught, London, England

The Connaught in London is one of the most classic and beloved hotels in this city. This bathtub sits in the bathroom of the Prince’s Lodge Suite and it is every bit as luxurious as you would imagine a bathtub in a suite fit for a prince would be! Named after Prince Arthur, this suite offers luxurious views of Mayfair down below from handcarved wooden window seats that will make you feel as if you’ve entered another world entirely!

Bulgari, Knightsbridge, London

Last, but certainly not least, we have the bath from the spa suite at the Bulgari in London. Yes, their hotel suite baths are luxurious, but never in my life have I floated in a bath so large in a hotel as this one in their luxurious spa. So, when booking into the hotel, ask for this experience on the side. It’s more like floating in a bubble pool than a bubble bath!

Chedi Andermatt, Switzerland

Think Alpine retreat with calming overtones. More to the point, visualise the most beautiful hotel in the world nestled in the Swiss Alps. Views are spectacular in every direction, the food (including a cheese room that is multi-storied) is heavenly and there are more fireplaces here than there are staff, in would seem. Fireplaces in the room, in reception, by the pool. This is the place to escape to in winter for the coziest of moments, including the ones had in their in room bathtubs with a view of the big screen TV, that sits atop another fire place. This is one of my favourite hotels on earth, in case you couldn’t tell already, and it’s about so much more than just a bathtub!

The Dupont Circle Hotel, Washington, DC

If you’re looking for a place in DC for the ultimate in pampering, look no further. With luxuriously outfitted balconies that overlook Dupont Circle, and the hustle and bustle of American’s Capital city, this hotel is already head and shoulders above the rest. Its contemporary decor sets the framework for a comfortable and spoiling experience. But the baths… oh the baths. In some suites, your bath comes with a view of the city and a TV to keep up with the news happening right outside your front door!


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